Proffergen Technologies founded by a team of seasoned professionals with experience in the end-to-end Product Engineering and Embedded System enabled services. The strong team  base has been instrumental in ushering in several new technologies into India.


Proffergen Technologies provides end-to-end, Product development Engineering and Embedded system enabled services to a wide range of companies, and for small and medium enterprises with diverse business focuses in India and worldwide.


Proffergen is a start-up aiming to build engineering products for India and the developing world.



To be a leading product realization company, designing products and providing services for end-to-end embedded solutions for technologies of the future. Through technological innovation, quality and timely deliveries, we want to ensure increased value to our customers and a better return on investment to our partners.

To provide every Proffergen with freedom of creative innovation, opportunities for personal growth and the promise of a close-knit community.