Product Development Consultancy

If you have a product idea that you wish to take to market, and are trying to identify a technology partner to design and implement the product, Proffergen Technologies  is happy to work with you.

We leverage our engineering expertise to assist companies to develop complete products. Our involvement with our clients includes: identification of requirements, development of engineering specifications, design of mechatronics and embedded systems components, and enclosure design.

We engage with our clients in an interactive and iterative fashion, trying out several product concepts and building a few fully-working prototypes. Usually, the client is able to perform field trials and pilot testing with these prototypes. Proffergen Technologies can then work with the client to refine the design for manufacture and assembly, and liaison with manufacturers for mass production.


Embedded Systems

Proffergen is happy to work with clients to provide technology inputs and services in specific areas of our expertise. Proffergen has vast experience in embedded systems, Automated testing equipment and mechatronics design. We work with cutting-edge microcontrollers, such as Dspic, ARM7 , and ARM9, which are low-cost, low-power and high-performance devices. We have expertise in integrating a wide variety of peripherals with microcontrollers for a number of diverse applications. Proffergen Technologies is the one-stop solution for embedded hardware, firmware and software solutions, as well as for Testing, automation and Rf applications.


Firmware Development  & Linux based Software  for Embedded Systems

Hardware Development for Embedded Systems

Industrial automation

Embedded firmware for digital devices
Full board support package (BSP)
Device drivers
Linux kernel development
OS Linux distributions for target platforms
Real-time applications
Embedded application software
Web-oriented control interfac

embedded systems chennai

digital and analog devices
SoC-based devices
Schematic diagrams
PCB design
Universal processor modules   Single-board computers (SBC)

ATE Development

Product Development

industrial automation

Verification and testing Technical support Sample production Manufacturing support and control



Product concept and technical consulting Analyzing functional and technical requirements Elaboration of the technical specification Design and development